Find and Discuss Books

Here are some great sites where you can find books, create bookshelves of your books, discuss and review books, and connect with other readers. There are a number of these interactive sites available now, and many people are hooked on being involved in an online reading community. You can view the lists of books created by other readers, and often read the reviews without becoming a member. Many people love joining the sites, though, so that they can engage with other readers and have full access to all discussions, submit reviews and rate books, etc.

Some of these sites link you to an option to purchase books. I do not recommend purchasing books that can be borrowed from a school or public library, unless you are buying a gift, or have money set aside for this sort of shopping. For some book addicts, it's easy to get carried away. Don't forget, you can search all school libraries, using Destiny search VIRL, and can request we purchase a book you are interested in.

If you are interested in joining one of these sites, I suggest you look through a number of them, and choose the one you like best, so that you are not spreading yourself too thin. If you give one site a good go for a few months, you'll know whether you love it or not. If not, you can always try another.



This site by has lots of features: reviews, "Ultimate Booklist", author interviews and fan sites, including manga sites, and lots more. It also links to other Bookreporter sites, such as The Graphic Novel Reporter. Teenreads is different from some others on this list in that it's not as interactive, and you don't join it. It's really great, though, and is created for teenagers.


If you are going to join a site and become fully involved, creating your own bookshelves, and connecting with other readers, I think this is the one you will like best. It's very extensive and has great lists. For example, check out the list of dystopian fiction:


This is my current favourite. It's a newer site, and is very user friendly. I like the clean look and feel to this site. When you join, you end up with a mini-blog of your own.


This site is by Amazon, so the temptation to buy is omnipresent. It's also a very good, interactive site, though.

Library Thing

This is another great site and, like Shelfari, it appeals to teens, and to older humans as well - perhaps more to older humans (but I could be wrong). It's a cataloguing and social network site. You can receive free copies of the books you review, and you can join, but keep your personal info. to yourself.


VIRL's teen section also has some interactive features for teens. You can read and submit reviews, and explore new titles and lists of award winners and bestsellers. It's hard for VIRL to compete with these mega, colourful, grand-scope interactive sites; on the other hand, it's local, you can go there, and you can connect with people in latitudinal, longitudinal proximity. Sometimes they have events, too.

(Also, I must add that VIRL does incorporate Goodreads into its site, and also that it continually adds to its teen resources.