Famous and Notable Canadians

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Lists of Famous Canadians

Laura Secord, Terry Fox, Don Cherry, Wayne Gretzky, Rick Hansen, Marc Garneau, Pierre Berton, Roberta Bondar, Any Canadian Prime Ministers (For example, Sir John A. MacDonald, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Stephen Harper, Kim Campbell, Justin Trudeau), Peter Gzowski, Marshall McLuhan, Sir Isaac Brock, Tecumseh, Margaret Atwood, Pierre Trudeau, Justin Trudeau, Donald Sutherland, Celine Dion, Jim Carey, Robert Goulet, Christopher Plummer, Elizabeth Stern, John Candy, Stephen Harper, Avril Lavigne, Justin Bieber, Joni Mitchell, Michael Buble, James Naismith, Susan Aglukark, Shania Twain, Maurice Richard, Elijah McCoy, E.J. Pratt, Josiah Henson, Alice Munro, KD Lang, Neil Young, Conrad Black. Kiefer Sutherland, William Shatner, Oscar Peterson, Louis Riel, Mary Pickford, Lester B. Pearson, Lucy Maud Montgomery, Michael Ondaatje, Rene Levesque, Sir Sandford Fleming, Leonard Cohen, Elizabeth Arden, Alanis Morissette, Diana Krall, Chris Hadfield, Jack Layton, Sir John A. MacDonald, Emily Murphy, Bertha Wilson, Craig Kielburger, Lincoln Alexander, J.A. Bombardier, Timothy Eaton, Jack McClelland, Heather Reisman, Steve Nash, Rick Hansen, Julie Payette, Alysse Carmichael, Buffie Sainte-Marie, Mike Myers, Silkin Laumann

Here are some more…
Bob Hunter
Craig Kielberger
(Free the Children; child labour/slavery)
Daniel Igali
(wrestler. fundraising for African schools)
David Suzuki and/or daughter Severn
(environmental activists)
Dr. Norman Bethune
(doctor for poor in China 1930s)

Jean Vanier
(L’Arche for mentally challenged)
John Peters Humphrey
(Wrote UN Declaration of Human Rights)
Lester B. Pearson
(politican; statesman, diplomat, scholar - peacekeeping)
Mary Jo Leddy
(Romero House for Refugees, Toronto)
Maude Barlow
Naomi Bronstein
(Canada House – orphanage in Toronto)
Naomi Klein
(anti-globalization activist; author of “No Logo”)
Raging Grannies
(Victoria. peaceful protests through song)
Rick Hansen
(rights of physically challenged)
Romeo Dallaire
(UN peacekeeper: Rwanda)
Roy Henry Vickers
(BC First Nations artist - Vision Quest)
Ryan Hrdjac
(12 year old: campaign for wells in Africa)
Stacy Toews
(Victoria! fair trade coffee)
Stephen Lewis
(UN ambassador and AIDS activist)
Terry Fox / Steve Fonyo
(runs for funding cancer research)
Tommy Douglas
(Saskatchewan politician. Medicare)
Wade Davis
(UBC. ethnobotanist)
John Kenneth Galbraith (world renowned economist)

There are many more!

As you do this project, if you think of other great Canadians you think should be on this page, or find great sites, send them to me and I will add them. Thank-you! Mrs Graham: dgraham@sd68.bc.ca

Sites with Information about Multiple Famous Canadians

The Canadian Encyclopedia

Dictionary of Canadian Biography




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(famous Canadian athletes)

Sites about Specific Famous Canadians