We don't have any e-books to lend out; however, VIRL, the public library does!

Vancouver Island Regional Library has an increasing number of current and popular e-books, and also has a number of pages which are of great use for helping people learning how to use e-readers, how to borrow e-books from the library, and how to find other sources of free e-books.

So... between the e-books the library offers and the other links to free books provided at the VIRL site, you have a huge selection of e-books available to you for free.

One nice thing about borrowing e-books from the public library is that when the book you want is available they send you the link for downloading the book by email. Then, when your borrowing time is up the link just dies - so, you never have an overdue book or fine.

To see Vancouver Island Regional Library's resources for e-reading, go to E-Library

Here you will find help with your e-reader, info. on how to borrow e-books through VIRL and an awesome list of links to databases of free ebooks

When you are there, take a look at VIRL Libraries to Go, BC Libraries to Go, and especially, Project Gutenberg. Free quality e-books!

Also, while you are the VIRL site, take the time to notice all the other services available.

It's easy to become a member of VIRL and have access to all their services by dropping into a branch, or by signing up on-line: Become a Member/Get a Card